Your folks are the heart of your event. Give them voice.

The folks at your event are the heart of the show. Give them a voice.

Attendees seek to participate & engage with your event. They want to be involved, they love to share their experiences.

Bring the online conversation to life at key touch points & Stimulate discovery, sharing & traction.

Showcase live Tweets with advanced filters, Instagram photos from precise accounts & custom social content. Make it creative, big, make it beautiful.

Event Phone Filming


RDV Design Social Wall - Questology

Add value to your event:

Stimulate engagement, increase visibility and expand reach of your event.

Organize conversations and activations with hashtags structure.

Get instant intelligence on the traction of your event features.

Enhance the experience with rich content from your attendees and your fans.

Create premium interactions and visibility for your sponsors and exhibitors.


Create value for sponsors with unique social media engagement features

Our platform provides several ways for you to integrate sponsors into your activation.

Display videos, posts or slides that feature sponsor or vendor content.

Offer and Brand the sponsorship of your social hub to your partners.

Add attribution links to posts on your social hub to point to sponsor products.

Event City Street Advertising screen Bell Franco


Event Igloofest Laptop Screen

Stimulate year-round engagement in your recurring event with an online hub & dynamic storytelling website

Keep your website fresh with continuously emerging social media content that engages your fan base through a dynamic social hub.

A social hub is a great way to proactively educate attendees on your #conferencehashtag and visualize the conversation throughout the whole year around your event.

Capture the buzz around your conference and proudly showcase your event on your website from the moment registration opens to the last minute of happy hour.


Questology helps you engage your community by creating unique social experiences at any tradeshow and makes it easier to manage than ever before from a single, unique platform.

For Attendees

A platform to share, discover and connect.
Their creative content is showcased.
They take part in the event and become ambassadors.

For exhibitors

An effective and cutting-edge way to engage, connect, communicate and interact with attendees.
A new opportunity to connect with other exhibitors.


Interactive brand activation that involves the people.
Prime media space and brand activation opportunities.
Making them the front and center of attention.


A turnkey solution that adds value to their event.
Increase event traction, reach and converted ambassadors.
Improvement of global strategy with social media intelligence.
Differentiation from other events and looking awesome.

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